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Hard times for German car manufacturers: VW and Co. risk a lot

Things could run more smoothly for the German auto industry. Everywhere you look, new difficulties are currently emerging. On the one hand, VW and Co. are doing their best to counteract this, but the car manufacturers are not completely innocent when faced with the headwind, as the past week has shown.

Impacts from all sides: German car manufacturers have to take it

the German automakers are struggling on various fronts. That shows a look at the week that lies behind us. The ADAC has established that the quality of cars is going downhill – and clearly.

Above all, the Volkswagen Group and its brands have not picked up a laurel wreath in the current car test of the automobile club: According to the experts things are going downhill with material and processing quality at VW. In the premium segment, customers can no longer count on their premium requirements being met. Mercedes and Audi leave springs on some models. Apparently, car manufacturers are mainly concerned with one thing: save, save, save.

Look familiar? No wonder. If you read it that way, it is less surprising that the German manufacturers are also stumbling on the electric car market. Although electric cars are currently practically the only models for which an increase in sales can be seen at all, this increase is shrinking. You want to keep the money together, understandable.

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It’s just stupid when Germany’s auto pope of all things prophesies that it will for VW and Co. will be even more difficult than easier. The order books are still full, but the producers cannot build enough. Too bad, but the corporations can still get over that. The situation is different when demand plummets.

Still a good choice for your next car:

But that’s exactly what Ferdinand Dudenhöffer expects. Because inflation and the pressure to save are only slowly reaching the customers and even later the car manufacturers. The expert expects a slack in the buying mood, which is still to come for German car manufacturers uncomfortable look into the crystal ball.

Mobility – something is happening: E-cars, electric bicycles, e-scooters, the 9-euro ticket for bus and train – all of this moves us in two ways. And what has happened in terms of mobility?

E-cars should finally be cheaper: These signs are green Victory march of e-cars: What should become of the Stromers now?

Things are going downhill with e-cars: We customers have the power

But apparently not everything we’ve heard from the auto world this week is bad. Because an ADAC expert notes: If it goes downhill, it will eventually go uphill again. Can be transferred from the quality of the car to the cycles of the economy – maybe also to private life.

There is a positive outlook in the USA, for example: If electric cars don’t work, why not just switch to golf carts? Especially at VW, this step must be obvious.

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