Hard edge against Tesla: German police ban e-cars

Tesla drivers are no longer allowed to do as they please. The Berlin police are putting a stop to e-cars and their drivers – at least in one respect. The authority does not want to see any more of the American electric cars. This could have far-reaching consequences.

Police put a stop to Tesla: e-cars no longer welcome

The Berlin police and the Berlin State Criminal Police Office (LKA) have put an end to Teslas. However, the authorities are not removing e-cars from their own fleet. Rather, the electric cars are now the Access to police and LKA premises and properties denied.

That should be due to the cameras that Tesla vehicles are equipped with. Among other things, the surroundings cameras supply the assistance systems of the e-cars with data. However, they are also used for security, especially in the so-called “guard mode”. It monitors the area around the parked car and can warn the owner if something unusual is happening.

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The problem lies precisely in this almost permanent camera activity. Teslas are considered “a safety-related hazard for employees, Third parties (security and data protection) and the properties of the Berlin police (property security),” says an internal letter that is available to the BZ (via daily mirror).

The recordings can be stored locally in the vehicle at Tesla or transferred to servers in the Netherlands. On request, however, Tesla can give out this data to practically anyone, so the concern. The decision rests solely with the carmaker.

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This makes it difficult for data protection, for which the authorities are responsible on their properties. In addition, the police and LKA data about “Security areas such as ammunition bunkers, civilian cars with camouflage plates and areas of civilian investigators or special forces covered by the Tesla cameras become,” says the daily mirror.

The ban applies to all Tesla models and affects outsiders as well as employees who drive a Tesla privately. A solution is also being worked on for confiscated e-cars. However, implementation is the responsibility of the local directorates.

What else you should know about Tesla:

Automatic monitoring: Tesla drivers face fines

A general ban on Teslas is not being pronounced in Berlin. But the case shows that the recordings of the “sentry mode” can also cause problems elsewhere. According to the Berlin data protection officer, the mode should not be used without reason in public parking lots. If people wrongly admitted complain, Tesla owners could face a fine.

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