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The India World Showcase from Nintendo also featured, among other things, a hitherto unannounced play by the domestic studio Amanita Design. After this year’s Creaks, Czech creators are again flirting with the horror genre, because the world of Happy Game, despite its name, is far from being as sunny and fairy-tale as you might expect at first sight of a flowering meadow.

The author of Botanicula or Chuchla, Jaromír Plachý, this time told the story of a little boy whose sleep was disrupted by ugly nightmares.

Suspiciously smiling smileys, pink bunnies and other inhuman creatures from the realm of animated toys are ready to chase him all night in the realm of dreams.

So it will be up to you to drive the monsters away by solving logical (and very bloody) puzzles in three different dream sequences and let the boy finally sleep pink with his stuffed animal.

The Czech musical duo DVA will again take care of the musical accompaniment, with a repertoire including nice lullabies, disturbing melodies and screams.

Good night and sweet dreams, Amanita in Happy Game will wish you in the spring of 2021, on PC and on Switch.

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