Handy: 5 weight loss tips for the last 5 kilos

1. Don’t see them as ‘those last pounds’

How often do you hear people say: man, those last kilos are the hardest! Not at all, says Mieke: “You have to deal with the first kilos in the same way as with the last one. When you think ‘Ah, I will do those last kilos for a while, I have already lost so many’, you go there. not for the full 100%. See those last kilos as a new project, only then can you leave more for it. “

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2. Ask yourself: do I really want this?

If you dread those last pounds, you can do two things: accept or change. Accepting those extra pounds also means that you should stop complaining and take it for granted that your body isn’t a la Doutzen Kroes. If those 5 kilos really bother you, be prepared to do something for it. Most importantly: choose and be honest with yourself.

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3. Say ‘no’ more often

Mieke: “I sometimes say: if you already say ‘no’ once or twice a day to something that you actually really crave, you are already maintaining your weight. If you still want to lose some kilos, say more than 1 or 2 times ‘no’. Maybe 5 or 6 times. Be really alert and don’t count yourself rich if you left that slice of apple pie alone that one time. “

4. Keep track of what you eat

This is a very concrete one. Writing down what you eat will make you much more aware of what is consuming you. Because let’s be honest: those few sweets that you pick from the cupboard in between households, you forget after a few seconds. Oh, and calculate your ideal calorie intake right here, then you know exactly what you can eat in a day.

5. Only the very best

Rate your bites and only eat bites with an 8 or higher. This ensures that you don’t put anything in your mouth unnecessarily without enjoying it.

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