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Hands-on video shows Google Pixel Fold in mock-up form

A hands-on video has surfaced on YouTube showing a mock-up of the Pixel Fold. That is a plastic object with the same shape and dimensions as the real folding phone. We discuss what we all learn from this mock-up.

Pixel Fold mock up

The Youtuber ‘Dave2Dave’, also called Dave Lee, unpacks with a video about the Pixel Fold. Google’s upcoming foldable phone was already the subject of renders last month, but now a mock-up of the phone has been seen in a video. Manufacturers of cases and other accessories normally use such a mock-up to design their products for specific phones.

The Pixel Fold will look more like the OPPO Find N than Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4, according to this mock-up. The device is relatively shorter and wider than Samsung’s phone. On the other hand, the hinge also leaves no gap between the folding screen. An aspect that Samsung wants to improve with its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5, by the way.

Big screens

When Dave Lee compares the dimensions of the Pixel Fold with the OPPO Find N, he finds that the screen on the outside of the Pixel Fold, the so-called ‘cover screen’, is larger. On the Google phone, it measures 5.79 inches, compared to 5.54 inches on OPPO’s phone. The Pixel Fold’s folding screen is also larger, measuring 7.67 inches, up from 7.1 inches on the Find N. On the main screen, there’s a small circular notch in the center for the selfie camera.

The Pixel Fold also becomes 5.7 inches thick when folded and the cameras still add 2.5 mm. The three lenses are expected on the eight side. The Pixel Fold is also equipped with speakers at the top and bottom, so users can count on stereo sound.

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Price and availability

Although a lot of information about the foldable phone has been received in a short time, there are still many details that are missing. The price is one of them. A price tag of 1700 dollars (converted 1572 euros) is circulating, but other voices say that the actual price will be lower.

The phone is expected to launch in October 2023, so it may work with Android 14 and Google’s Tensor G3 chipset. According to Google’s leaked plans, foldable Pixels are part of its long-term strategy. Although Google’s strategy changes faster than the weather at times and plans for a foldable Pixel have often been scrapped.

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