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Gunsmith – Apkrig

The game Gunsmith can most easily be compared to a nice simulation of belt production of medicines in the title Big Pharma, or we can talk about it as a less complex, closely focused Factoria. Even in Gunsmith, you chain various devices behind each other and connect them with conveyor belts, along which the raw materials gradually taking on more specific shapes race. In this case, these shapes resemble military equipment from equipment to armament.

It all starts with building your factory. You design the individual rooms yourself and decide on their floor covering. Once the basics of the factory are complete, you can start belt production. Sure, you will want to immediately go on sale of the immortal AK-47s, but you must gradually. You are a small fish in a large pond, which must first make a name and obtain the appropriate licenses.

So you start with something harmless, like military gloves. Later you will get to pants, bulletproof vests, you will start making ammunition, ordinary one-handed weapons, and in time you will finally get to heavier calibers.

It will be up to you and your moral feeling to whom you will eventually sell the weapons and for whom you may be a regular supplier. As Nicolas Cage said in The Death Dealer, “I give people the means to defend themselves,” and there’s no doubt that some customers think the exact opposite.

Gunsmith has been on Steam for a preliminary time since May 2018, but its creators now see the end of development approaching. The full version of the game should be released in the second quarter of next year.

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