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Guitar Hero made Aerosmith more money than any »Vortex album

Aerosmith are my favorite band. So you can bet I spent a lot of time playing Guitar Hero: Aerosmith, which was all about this rock legend, even though it contained songs by Joan Jett or The Kinks. The 2008 title from Neversoft was released at the time of the series’ greatest glory, and Aerosmith is one of the groups that, like Metallica and Van Halen, received its own special edition.

The title, based on the regular third volume, charted Aerosmith’s career and, thanks to recorded interviews, functioned as such an extensive digital and interactive encyclopedia. But what’s more interesting, the band made more money for the game than for any of their classic albums. The first part of the Guitar Hero series was released over 15 years ago.

In total, the play has sold over 4 million copies, which is a truly respectable result for a musical rhythm title based on a single group.

In the first week alone, more than 567,000 copies of Guitar Hero: Aerosmith were sold, with revenues of more than $ 25 million. In the first three weeks, the game has brought over $ 50 million to the publisher’s box office. The release of the game even helped kick the sales of the albums themselves by 40 percent. In total, according to the latest known data, the game has sold over 4 million copies, which is a really respectable result for a musical rhythmic title based on a single group.

At the time, Aerosmith boasted that it was great to be one of the pioneers of change in the music industry, which had found a new market in the field of video games. It should be noted that Aerosmith is the best-selling American hard rock band of all time. They have over 150 million records sold, so Guitar Hero’s box office success is truly exceptional. Of course, it must be emphasized that without the older albums of their success, there would not be an offer for Guitar Hero, but that is understandable.

The world of video games is generally no stranger to Aerosmith. Leaving aside the fact that the band’s hits will be heard in other games, such as the Grand Theft Auto series, even before Guitar Hero, the musicians closely merged with the other two titles. The first was the Midway Revolution X automatic shooter from 1994, which was later ported to a PC and console. Aerosmith not only play and perform here, but are right at the center of the story when they become abducted.

Another important clue left by the band in the game Quest for Fame from 1995. The player is to work from an unknown guitarist to a rock legend, and even here it was about playing music from Aerosmith. The title was aimed not only at Windows and Mac, but also slot machines, OS / 2 or PlayStation.

The last part of Guitar Hero with the subtitle Live was released in 2015 and it doesn’t look like a comeback yet.

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