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GTA 6: Rockstar May Choose a 1970’s Dateline to Avoid Trouble

GTA 6: The Grand Theft Auto will be released by Rockstar, the game’s developer. There are different versions of the rumor circuits, one claiming it could be announced next year and then released by 2020 or even later. Some others do not see the GTA 6 to be released until 2022. Whatever the date Rockstar chooses to release GTA 6, there is no end to the speculation on some of the themes, characters and other gameplay related issues. GTA 5 wants to play it safe.

Rockstar May Want to Play it Safe

It is in this context that there are suggestions to the effect the gameplay elements on GTA 6 may be designed with a motif that is more reminiscent of the USA of the 1970s rather than the current scenario. Since the earlier criticism cut across the right and the right, that’s both the Republicans and the Democrats seem to be unhappy, the game’s developers may simply steer clear of the controversy of any kind. South America wants to figure prominently, parts of the US, especially the Vice City wants to be strongly illustrated.

Other Factors Have Been Talked About Before

The other frequently raised point on what’s new with GTA 6 is the introduction of a female protagonist Rockstar is not the idea of ​​the aider, it is the general theme and the story-line are Rockstar would do.

Much of these details here are still in the realm of speculation.

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