‘Growing in slowly is my way’

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It has been four months since Marieke Elsinga became the mother of Jip. In a candid interview with AD, she talks about motherhood and that it takes a bit of getting used to.

Marieke calls motherhood fun and sometimes too big to contain. “It may sound strange, but I understand that Jip is our child. But I still have to get used to being his mother to him. I’m not afraid that I can’t take good care of him. But sometimes I think: oh boy, to you I am your mother and you only have one of them.” A great responsibility, according to the presenter.

Leave with unconditional love

Motherhood brings new feelings. “Everyone is talking about a drawer of unconditional love you’ve never known. I notice that my drawer needs time to open.” Marieke is not surprised, she also slowly fell in love with partner Sander. “I don’t worry how much I feel for that little bumblebee. From the first moment I knew I would go through fire for him. But Sander immediately fell in love with him. I also wanted to experience that. But slowly growing into it is more my way, apparently.”

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