Groundbreaking innovation removed from Windows 11 again? Microsoft issues statement

With Momentum 2, Microsoft has given Windows 11 an update that, among other things, integrates the Bing AI into the operating system. But shortly after the introduction, the large banner in the search field, which announced the groundbreaking innovation, disappeared. Users assumed that the Bing AI was canceled again. But now Microsoft is finally explaining what really happened.

updated: To all appearances Microsoft didn’t remove the Bing AI from Windows 11 after all, as user reports previously suggested. Only the large Bing banner, which refers to the integration, no longer appears. A Microsoft spokesman made this clear:

“The Bing icon in the search box is displayed over the existing ‘Search Highlights’ feature, which shows content that changes daily. We will keep changing the content, including the Bing icon, over time.” (Source: TechRadar)

AI search in Windows 11: Microsoft delivers new update

In addition to smaller patches, Microsoft also provides major updates for Windows 11 at regular intervals, which, among other things, give the operating system new functions. The build, called KB5022913, delivers various innovations, including one that is particularly groundbreaking. Because with the new Windows 11 version Microsoft introduces the AI-supported Bing search.

This works similar to the chat bot ChatGPT. Users can enter their specific questions directly into the search field, then Bing starts a chat in which the question is answered and further follow-up questions can be asked.

A brief insight into the function search of the new AI search can be seen in the new video from Microsoft:

The new Bing in Windows 11

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The only limitation: The new Bing search is not automatically available to every Windows 11 user after the update. Those interested must first register for the new function on the official website register or be put on the waiting list. If you are selected for the program, you will receive an email from Microsoft and gain access to the new Bing feature.

The possibilities offered by chat bots like ChatGPT are endless. But if you can’t think of anything concrete right away, we’ve summarized a few food for thought here:

Windows 11 update offers many more features

But not only those interested in AI should be happy about the new Windows update. Microsoft also provides an interesting new function for iPhone owners. This allows you Pair your Apple phone with your Windows PC and about using iMessage.

Other practical innovations at a glance:

  • Video recordings of the screen can now also be made using the Snipping Tool.
  • In Notepad, users can now create different tabs and switch between them.
  • New tools to help users reduce their carbon footprint.
  • UI changes for touch devices to maximize screen real estate.

You can find the complete overview of all new functions here in the official blog entry from microsoft.

The new Windows 11 update has not yet been installed automatically for you? This is how you can trigger the update manually:

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