Great baby news: Jan Dulles and Caroline Mol welcome a daughter

‘Friends. Last night at 4:10 pm our daughter Lina was born,” Jan writes with a photo of his daughter.

prime job

‘It was a successful delivery, but again I watched this ‘primordial job’ with my mouth open and powerless. Women are supernaturally strong compared to us,” said the singer. The girl is healthy and weighs 4 kilos. Now the congratulations are pouring in. “Yaaaaaaaah, there she is!! Congratulations!!’ writes Kim Kotter. Kirsten Schilder responds: ‘How beautiful she is, congratulations’.

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Difficult time

In Kek Mama, Caroline recently spoke candidly about the past year. On December 19, 2020, their three-month-old daughter Donna-Maria died of a tear in her diaphragm. “Emotionally it has been a rollercoaster and a bizarre year,” she said in the interview. The couple also has a son: James (3).

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