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GraphoGame French –

To decode is to pass from the written code to the oral code by relating the graphemes, which are the basic units of the written word, with the corresponding units of the spoken word, the phonemes“.

This decoding training app helps preschoolers, primary schoolers and struggling children to reinforce their early reading skills.

In the form of a game, the child will learn the sounds of letters and groups of letters by simultaneously presenting the corresponding sounds (or words) and groups of letters.

Features :
– The progression of the game is based on scientific data: the software was developed by linguists, neuropsychologists and speech therapists to help children – especially struggling readers – to reinforce the fundamental automatisms of reading.
– Accompanies the child through different games with his own character that he develops during the game.
– The child gradually moves to syllables, rhymes, short words and sentences and gradually learns to decode longer words.
– By playing 15 minutes daily, the child will improve his accuracy in decoding letters, words, and his reading speed.

The GraphoGame platform is developed by a community of researchers and leading game developers in Finland, while the French content of “GraphoGame Français” was developed by the Cognitive Psychology Laboratory (CNRS) from the University of Aix-Marseille.

For more information on the French content, do not hesitate to visit the site

GraphoGame French

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