Google’s search engine can now show even more social media results in Perspectives

Google has decided to make Google Search more personal. In a world where social media ensures that every individual can show who he is even better, there is a greater need for personalization and Google now wants to apply that to its search engine. That’s why it comes with a Perspectives filter.


Google has announced that it is now rolling out Perspectives, which means you can better find information from people on forums and social media, for example. Google is still a bit vague about it, so it says that for certain searches where the searcher benefits from the experiences of others, it does indeed come with a special tab with ‘Perspectives’, in which you see social media content.

An example of such an assignment is ‘What to eat in Chicago’. If you search for it, you will get all kinds of advice from other people, such as a personal story on a forum, or a video on TikTok. Yes, TikTok. 9to5Google shows how it shows.

With these search results you will see long and short videos, photos and written posts of a more personal nature, for example found on forums, Q&A websites and social media. Of course YouTube is also part of it, but so are competitors such as TikTok, plus Reddit and Quora. YouTube Shorts and regular YouTube videos were of course already shown in the regular search results, but now there is much more room to show YouTube content.

More social media on Google Search

On mobile you even see the tab as a scrollable feed where you see cards with the content on it. You can also tap through to learn more about the creator, profile picture, and more information about how popular they and their content are. But in a few months, this feature will be further expanded to ensure that content created in a personal capacity actually adds value within Google Search.

It still has to be rolled out at all first, because we have not yet seen it in the editorial office, whether we search for English-language matters or Dutch-language ones.

Do you already see a new Perspectives tab (or: Perspectives)? Let us know in the comments, even if you don’t have it but do have an opinion about it.

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