Google’s assistant will sing you something at the turn of the year

No time right now?

The end of a terrible year is imminent. The song that the Google Assistant sings to you as you say goodbye is also terrible.

Google’s assistants will serenade you at the end of the year if you let them. There is even a small circular animation dancing on devices with a display.

Hey Google, sing the New Year song

All you have to do is give the command “Hey Google, sing the New Year Song”. This also works in this country and if the language is set to German.

In other languages, the lyrics are presented in the local language, but sometimes only spoken instead of sung. The assistant sings with an accent in British English. In Germany we will hear the song in English for the time being.

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The song is orchestrated in 8-bit nostalgia and so fits perfectly with the AI ​​voice of the Google Assistant. Not that we get ourselves wrong, the song is neither catchy nor beautiful in any other way.

The lyrics do not show any high poetic power either. So the assistant sings of a hopefully better year 2021, in which everyone will meet with courtesy and love. The song ends after a few lines with advertising in its own right.

The assistant reminds you by singing that he is available for your search needs on call. Well, if you didn’t already know that.

Better alternative: Blob Opera

If you are particularly pain-resistant, you can instruct the assistant to sing the New Year song as often as you like. If, on the other hand, you want to experience real musical enjoyment without having to forego intelligent artificiality, we recommend the blob opera experiment that Google published shortly before Christmas.

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