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Google Workspace goes all Material You

Google has been busy for over half a year making Material You for all of its products. The Pixel phones are the most implemented example of this, but now Google services such as Gmail and the search engine are also increasingly ‘Material You’-lized. This is how.

Material You in Google Workspace

Google says it’s purely about visual tweaks, so nothing new in terms of functionality. It writes: “In Docs, Sheets and Slides you will see improvements such as:

A simplified user interface at the top of your documents, sheets, and slides, so you can find frequently used actions faster. There are also additional user experience improvements to comments, background, rulers, and gridlines. There are no changes to functionality, but some features have been moved to make the new interface more organized. For example, you can find the latest status information for the document, such as the last edit and version history, through a single access point: the clock icon in the top right corner.”

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It is also a logical choice: by streamlining the appearance of the Google programs more, you also get more cohesion. It feels more like one big tool that you work together in. Of course Google doesn’t want that for nothing. It’s a cliché to say, but it’s no less true: we’ve needed online ways to collaborate so much during the corona years, and now with hybrid working, that these kinds of steps from Google are important. Not only for Material You and Google’s ‘branding’, but also because the competition is also working hard on all kinds of ways to make working together online easier (with dot number 1: Microsoft with its Teams).

Google Workspace goes all Material You

Above you can see, among other things, what that will look like. Please note: it will take Google about two weeks before this new Material You look is fully rolled out.

What do you think of the Material You design? Do you like working in a more Pixel-like environment? Leave it at this item.

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