Google will update the terms of use and service as of January 5, 2022

Starting next year, Google will make a number of changes to its terms of service. In this way, it must become clear to users what you can expect from Google as a user, and what the company can expect from you as a user. The changes will take effect on January 5, 2022.

New Google Terms of Service

Google will change the terms of service for the use of the service as of January 5, 2022. Users of the Google services will receive an email from the company about this. Google says there will be no influence on how Google services are used, but the new terms should make it easier to understand what to expect from Google and what is expected of users by Google.

The new conditions can be found on this page. The main changes are also listed by Google;

  • More clarity about what to expect from Google and what we expect from you: We provide more examples to describe the mutually respectful behavior we expect from all our users. We also provide greater transparency about how we develop, improve and update our digital content, services and goods, including more information about why we make changes and updates required by law, the notice we send you in advance and your right to cancel your agreement. cancel with us.
  • Legal guarantee: We summarize the legal guarantees you are entitled to under consumer law in the EEA when you use our digital content, services and goods.
  • Right of withdrawal: We provide information about your legal right to opt out within 14 days of you agreeing to the terms if you are a consumer residing in the European Economic Area (EEA). We also attach a copy of the EU model withdrawal instructions if you wish to exercise that right.
  • Additional definitions: We’re explaining more to help you understand legal concepts we use in our terms, including “commercial warranty,” “legal warranty,” and “lack of conformity.”
  • Better readability: While our terms remain a legal document, we’ve done our best to make them easier to understand, including by rearranging some topics to make them easier to find.

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