Google will start showing videos from TikTok and Instagram in search

Google has long been a mere search for information. After entering specific commands, it will offer a number of gadgets (such as speed test or calculator) and minigames. In October last year, he also presented his own stories – similar to disappearing stories from social networks. Now Google in the results the search also starts showing short videos from Instagram or TikTok.

Short videos from social networks in Google search

Videos appear in Google search results display in a special section located at the top screens, while currently we can find posts from the social networks Instagram and TikTok. However, we can expect to be joined in the future by other sources, especially YouTube Shorts – shorter-duration videos hosted on the largest multimedia platform.

google search short videos

After clicking on the video, we will not get to the mobile application, as might be expected, but we will be redirected to the web form of the given social network. Google is so likely seeks to benefit from the relentless trend of these short videos and reduce the number of exits from the web environment to applications.

Google Video Search is currently in the early stages of testing and only on mobile devices. The short video section also does not appear when you enter all the queries. However, we should look forward to their gradual expansion.

Are you watching short videos?

Source: TechCrunch

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