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Google will restrict access to Chrome extension data

Google Chrome is in itself one of the best web browsers for most platforms. However, its capabilities significantly improve third-party extensions. According to the portal AndroidCentral however, Google plans to restrict access to websites and user data next year. This should be another step towards better security of the most used internet browser.

Chrome extensions often access websites you don’t need

Google Chrome extensions often have too much access to your data on the websites you visit. Often more than an ordinary person might like. After installation, they can choose which websites they will have access to and often choose unlimited access to all websites. This is often a necessity for some extensions, but may not be necessary for others. Often, they only abuse this possibility. Google warns about this approach, but most people ignore it anyway.

If a user currently wants to disable an extension, they must do so manually via the context menu. You can manage access by entering an expression chrome: // extensions / to the URL line, where there is an option to allow access to all pages, only selected sites, or only after clicking on the icon of the add-on. Apart from the fact that this method of setting is not exactly convenient, most users do not even know about it.

The new control options will take effect in mid-January

As of January 18, 2021, Google will require extension developers to provide all information about data usage in the Chrome Store. In practice, this will work by displaying information to users when they click the Privacy Policy button. In one part, what data the extension collects will be presented. In the second, the developer declares what he intends to do with them.

At the same time, Google will make it easier for users to choose which websites each extension will have access to, even when installed in the Chrome Store. Of course, it will be possible to set access to all websites, but by default this setting will be turned off. This is mainly due to the lax approach of users when installing programs. New control options should also be available in the mobile version of Google Chrome for Android.

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