Google will provide Chromecast with Google TV with child profiles

Google will continue to improve the Chromecast. The latest version of the media stick will be able to create child profiles, so a special profile for the children.

Child profiles at Chromecast

The Chromecast has been around for a number of years, but a new version has been released for a few months. This one is different from others, thanks to the presence of Google TV as a platform. This allows you, for example, to download apps ‘on your TV’ from the Google Play Store. The new version is still not officially available for sale in the Netherlands, but who knows, that may still happen.

The Google TV-based Chromecast will soon receive an improvement, as is clear from new indications. For parents with children there will be a possibility to enable parental controls. A Google company representative confirms the arrival of the new feature. In the coming weeks, a function must become available to create child profiles. Parents can set which apps they can use and the YouTube recommendations are also filtered for children. Leaving a child profile can be restricted by means of a pin code. It doesn’t seem like there will be widespread support for setting profiles.

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