Google Weather gets Nowcast for more accurate weather forecast

If you get on your bike without a jacket because your weather app says it will stay dry, you will end up in a downpour an hour later. You don’t want that: anyway you can expect a weather app to predict the weather as accurately as possible. Fortunately, Google Weather is getting better at that, as it has added Nowcast.

Google Weather

With the launch of Pixel Tablet and Fold, the Weather app gets a visual upgrade: Material You. However, something else is added, namely Google Nowcast. This provides better information about what to expect, especially with regard to precipitation. You can get a better forecast for the next 12 hours regarding the rain, hail and snow.

The reason it is now more accurate has to do with the fact that Google will soon be using data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Its Multi-Radar/Multi-Sensor System (MRMS) and High-Resolution Rapid Refresh System (HRRR) are used, along with more sources knowledgeable in meteorology. The information is refreshed several times an hour, which means that the information is more up-to-date and therefore of better quality. There is also a neural network behind it that learns about the weather to further improve.

Heavy rain

You will also be helped with better notifications: for example, you can see that it will soon rain on a notification that appears in the new section above the hourly forecast. You can also see what type of rain is expected: light, medium or heavy rain. Not in general, but there is a whole timeline that explains when it gets heavy and when it drizzles a bit more. If no precipitation is expected at all, the area will not be visible.

When NowCast comes, that is still unknown. It is available in the United States when you search for the weather on a mobile device.

Do you think that Google Weather is often wrong and do you need such a timeline with the severity of the precipitation? Leave it now in the comments.

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