Google wants to match Apple in private. We know when.

Topic privacy is widely discussed in today’s world, not only in the field of mobile phones. Apple is well aware of this fact and that is also why last year it raised the bar to the heavenly heights. He announced that he would give his customers a choice if they wanted to display a personalized ad based on their behavior in applications.

Google wants to match Apple in private

Why did Google decide to do this when most of its revenue comes from advertising? The answer is very simple, it’s to blame never ending duel Android vs Apple. Of course, every company wants to attract as many customers as possible, so the owner of the “green system” had to respond. It can already be targeted turn off ads on phones, but some developers have already found how to work around this limitation.

How do I turn off personalized ads?

The solution is very simple. To track in-app tracking and turn off personalized ads, follow these steps by going to: Settings -> Google -> Ads -> Sign out of ad personalization

So Google decided to tracking Android users is difficult, at least as far as ads are concerned. If someone tries to track a user who has disabled personalized ads, really does not receive any data. This information was first reported by the Financial Times and was later confirmed by Google to the Engadget server.

when users Android devices will wait This is certainly welcome changes in the field of privacy? It will be later this year, at least for those who receive an update to Android 12 on their phone. All other devices with access to the Google Play store will then follow at the beginning of next year.

Do you still believe in privacy in the world of mobile phones?

Source: Android Authority

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