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Google TV introduces new quick settings menu

If you use Google TV, you will notice that it looks slightly different. There is a new section in the home screen for the quick settings. This should make it easier to use the television operating system.


The new menu ensures that Google TV and Pixel phones are more similar in design, writes 9to5Google. In the menu you will see Bluetooth, Wifi, accessibility options and the screensaver, next to the date and time and another button that takes you to all settings at once. The new menu takes up 2 by 2 tiles on your screen. This means that several options can be found within one menu, instead of how it was before. In addition, there was one piece for switching accounts and one for the settings combined with the screensaver.

To be clear, this is Google TV, not Android TV. Why the two have existed side by side for so long is somewhat unclear: in the end, it is the idea that only Google TV remains. When exactly this will happen, we have yet to see. For the time being, Google is in any case busy renewing Google TV to make it more according to its Material You design. For example, some adjustments have been made in recent weeks, such as removing the button for films / series, moving the button to go to your profile and more.

Photo via 9to5Google

Design changes

It often concerns a different place in the design, including moving films and series information under ‘For You’ and moving Google Search and the Google TV logo to the right. The quick settings can be recognized by a gear button. So something small changes every week, it seems. You may not yet see the new setup on your Google TV: it has been rolling out since yesterday.

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