Google TV gets a new button. Chromecast lacks this to perfection

This year, the new Google TV environment is being prepared for TVs from many manufacturers and will gradually replace Android TV. It was introduced in the fall along with the new Chromecast, which is very successful. Google has now advised manufacturers to add a new button to the remote control that we miss a lot on Chromecast with Google TV. What’s going on?

The new Chromecast with Google TV became the first device with this new TV user interface in the fall. The latest Chromecast is very successful and its remote control has all the useful and frequently used buttons such as YouTube or Netflix. You can start the TV directly by pressing the new YouTube / Netflix button, so you go immediately to the application and there is no need for daily unnecessary interaction with the UI. Google has also added buttons to turn off the device (and the entire TV if you set up HDMI-CEC) on the new Chromecast, as well as volume buttons. This allowed me to completely stop using the TV remote control at home, which is very pleasant.

Google has now released a new recommended reference design for remote controls for Google TV, adding the only thing I personally miss about the new Chromoecast controller. A new button will be added to create a queue of what you want to watch – in English “watchlist“. Google recommends this new remote control design to all manufacturers who now use Android TV. It is obvious that in the future there is also an update of older devices on Google TV.

Welcome to Google TV

Welcome to Google TV

How satisfied are you with the Chromecast driver with Google TV?

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