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Google thinks iMessage is too good

Google has been unable to compete with Apple’s iMessage for years and believes this messaging service is too good.

Google, one of the largest companies in the world, is complaining. And then on Twitter about iMessage. This is because it just has too much influence on the children. The company responded to a Wall Street Journal report, detailing the lock-in and social pressures Apple’s walled garden is causing among American teens. Google believes this should stop and they should be given a chance too.

Google and iMessage

Look, of course they have a point. Apple hammers everything shut, but Google does this with their (other) functions as well. iMessage highlights texts from iPhone users with a blue background. And gives them extra features while android phone texts are green and have only the basic texting functions. Google isn’t happy about that.

The article reads: “Teenagers and college students said they were afraid of the exclusion associated with green text. The social pressure is palpable, with some users being banned or banned after switching from iPhones.”


Google responded that “iMessage should not benefit from bullying”. And believes that “Texting should bring us together, and the solution exists. Let’s solve this as one industry.” Hiroshi Lockheimer, senior vice president of Google, also chimed in on Twitter, saying, “Apple’s iMessage lock-in is a documented strategy. Using peer pressure and bullying as a way to sell products is unfair. Especially for a company that has humanity and fairness as a core part of its marketing. Standards exist today to resolve this.” Apple probably doesn’t feel like changing their service, because Google asks for it.

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