Google Terms of Service. It will focus on user rights

The current effort of social players to show how transparent and focused on customer protection follows both Mete and Google. He has been changing his terms and conditions since January and is focusing on this area.

Warranties and rights

Google is changing its terms and conditions, focusing on guarantees and consumer rights. What may sound strange at first reading is about the warranty. Yes, Google is obliged to provide the consumer with a two-year warranty in accordance with European Union law for its services. This also applies to services (such as buying movies). The situation with the goods is clear, if you buy a phone from the company, the two-year warranty applies as for any other new goods.

Google extends this and describes it in terms of services such as Gmail or its Maps for which there is no time limit. Thus, the company assumes responsibility for non-compliance or technical error and removes it and removes it as long as you have their applications and services installed.

For services purchased or activated remotely, it is possible to withdraw from their use, within 14 days of receiving the service. Google clearly states on its website which services are covered by the withdrawal as a consumer right.

Google is introducing new concepts that will gradually appear when using its services. Among the most interesting is the “Commercial Guarantee”, as a model of the company’s responsibility for their services and applications. So, for example, if you come across a service for January that Google provides a Business Warranty for its function or feature, it will mean that guarantees this function or property. And if it is not available, it will provide the said compensation, which can also be financial.


The second essential element of liability is the new “Non-compliance”. This will be the situation when Google accurately describes a certain function or feature of the service or application and this will not appear in practice. The service simply does not behave as described. The non-compliance will then provoke a reaction, either in the form of a right of withdrawal or the entry of the Commercial Guarantee. The right of withdrawal, as a legal right, can always be exercised within a given period of 14 days. The onset of compensation under Business Responsibility is already determined by the Company itself, at its sole discretion.

Google also removes from the Terms of Service disclaimer. These were cases where Google relinquished responsibility for the goods or services provided, referring to the terms and conditions I accepted, which I accepted as a consumer and often did not read. As regulation within the EU area clearly remembers these situations and determines exactly when Google is not responsible for the content or service provided, and the company may no longer extend beyond this scope and thus avoid the consequences they have to bear and deal with.

And last but not least, as a consumer, I have the right to go to court with possible protection, in the country where I live. Thus, Slovak courts would deal with a dispute with Google, for example in the case of non-acceptance of withdrawal from the service, non-refund of the amount paid, etc. No transfer of the dispute to another country will take place.

Google sets changes as of January 5, 2022.

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