Google smart displays are getting new Game Lobby

Those who fancy a game on their Google Assistant smart display can now access games faster from a new menu. The Game Lobby is currently only available for those who use their smart display in the English language.

Game Lobby

Google Assistant has long included fun games in all kinds of genres. One of my personal favorite games has always been Castle Master where you play as an almighty emperor making choices during his administration. Then you will hear the result, which can be positive or negative. If you are an evil ruler, sooner or later you will be brutally killed by the people. If you do it right, you will be brutally killed again by a jealous competitor.

Smart displays with Google Assistant have even more possibilities in terms of games because of the screen. That is why Google now comes with the Game Lobby, which is a place where you can find all games. Google presents the new menu on its blog. You will only see it if you use your smart display with the language English (US) and the phrase “Hey Google, let’s play a game.” The Games Lobby will then appear and you will see recent games, popular games and featured games. They are separate tabs and the arrow shows all games within that category. Along with the Games Lobby are another 10 new games.

Dutch games

The various games on smart displays are the result of Google’s Interactive Canvas system. Since last year, developers have been able to build interactive apps and games for smart screens more easily. However, anyone looking for a wide range of games on the Dutch Nest Hub will unfortunately be disappointed. At the moment there are two games available and they hardly use the screen.

Google also released the Family Bell for smart displays this year. That is like a school bell in your home, for example to give children who work at home for school some structure. Are you looking forward to seeing more Dutch apps and games on your smart display? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

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