Google pulls plug from ‘AR Measure’ app

The AR Measure app from Google itself is coming to an end. The application can no longer be downloaded from the Google Play Store immediately. It is yet another application that finds its final resting place in the Google graveyard.

End for AR Measure

Three years ago, a handy application from Google appeared. The app was ready for the general public, while the Project Tango version of the app already appeared in 2016. It was the Google Measure app. This application let you easily measure something through augmented reality. The ARCore powers were used and in a fun, handy way you could measure the size of an object, for example.

However, Google has quietly removed the application from the Google Play Store. This means that the app can no longer be downloaded again. However, the app still works on devices that have already installed the app. It means it’s just another app that has found its place in Google’s graveyard. This already includes Google Hangouts, Play Music, Androidify, Daydream, Google+ and Allo.

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