Google pulls Measure app from the Play Store

Google launched the augmented reality app Measure in 2018, which uses your phone to take measurements. Now the app has disappeared from the Play Store and we don’t know why.

Google Measure

Google has removed its Measure app list from the Google Play Store. The app will still show up for users who previously downloaded or currently have the app on their device at least once, but the changelog now states that it’s the “latest version” and no more updates will be published. The description of the app has also been updated with a new piece of text and reads as follows:

This app is no longer supported or updated. Users who previously installed the app can continue to use it on eligible devices.

Like other ARCore apps, the Measure app required no special hardware and used the smartphone camera to measure the height, width and length of objects. Before that, Measure was part of Project Tango, the predecessor of ARCore. At the time of launch, we were pleased with Measure’s accuracy, but looking at user reviews and comments in the Play Stire, it seems that the app was plagued with issues and crashed a lot.

If you have installed the app on your device, it will continue to work, but you should not expect new updates. If you’re looking for an alternative in the meantime, the AR Ruler app is a good alternative. This apps is also much more comprehensive than the Measure app.

Measure - Quick Everyday Measurements

ARuler - AR Ruler app

ARuler – AR Ruler app

With ARuler – AR Ruler app you can measure all kinds of spaces through augmented reality by simply pointing the camera at them. ..

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