Google Play Store lets you share apps with friends without internet via Nearby Share

Google has expanded the Google Play Store with a nice improvement. Nearby Share makes it possible to share applications with your friends, without the need for an internet connection.

Nearby Share for Google Play Store

The Google Play Store will now receive support for sharing apps via Nearby Share. This way you can share them (wirelessly) with friends or family, without having to set up a data connection. By means of Nearby Share they can be shared with a device in the area. The person you want to share it with must have the setting activated. You can find the feature at the Google Play Store> My apps & games> Share. The function will be rolled out in phases.

When sharing, you choose whether you want to receive or share an app. You then select the app you want to share, after which you choose a recipient. After entering the numerical code, the exchange can start. Only free apps can be shared. Applications that are paid, installed from sources other than the Play Store or not publicly available cannot be shared.

It remains to be seen when we will be able to see the new function again in the Netherlands. The rollout would have started by now.

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