Google Play Store app in Material You: this is what it looks like

Android 12 is finished; the announcement of the new Android version was last week. More and more Google apps are being given the new Material You jacket. Google is now also starting to update the Google Play Store in the Material You skin. What does that look like?

Google Play Store in Material You

Recently, a number of Google applications have been given a more modern look. We saw this reflected in Gmail and Google Photos, for example. This concerns the Material You skin that we know from Android 12. This new style is now also coming to the Google Play Store application on your Android device. The new interface is already visible to various users, as is clear from the messages.

That we are dealing with the new design is clear from the various elements. This means a pill-shaped search bar, a larger navigation bar at the bottom with pill-shaped buttons, and support for dynamic themes. With this support, the accent colors in the app will match those of the background set on your phone. It appears that Google is still in the process of making the changes to the app. Not all parts have been addressed yet, and the changes are limited to those on the homepage for now.

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