Google Pixel will increase battery life. He looked it up from the iPhone.

Google Pixel will increase battery life with a trick that has been used by the competing Apple iPhone for a long time. After using the phone for a while, the battery usually becomes so low that you want to replace either the battery or the whole phone. However, there are methods to increase the battery life of your phone. How does it work?

Google Pixel phones have recently received a new tweak without much fanfare, which can positively affect battery life. Under certain conditions, Pixel charges its battery only to 80% of its capacity. This can help maintain good battery health for extended periods of time. Apple has been using this method of battery care for a long time on its phones.

Pixel vs Pixel : Adaptive Battery

This function starts automatically and the user has no direct control over it. Pixel charges the battery to only 80% in two cases. The first case occurs when the phone detects a very fast discharge of the battery, which occurs, for example, with playing graphically demanding games. If, on the other hand, you leave your phone connected to the charger for several days, so this function will start after four days. When the phone turns on this feature, it always displays a notification on the screen “Optimizing battery health”. We will now have to wait a while to see if Google Pixel phones will really increase battery life with this trick. The novelty should work on both Android 11 and Android 12.

How satisfied are you with the life of your battery?

Source: 9to5google

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