Google Pixel Tablet: what are the pros and cons?

It was a bit quiet after the Nexus 7, but Google is making a comeback in tablet territory with the Google Pixel Tablet. Read the pros and cons in this article.

Why the Google Pixel Tablet?

They have received less attention in recent years, but they are still there: the tablets. Because these keyboard-less laptops are remarkably handy. Although they also have some drawbacks. Therefore, tablets, alongside the laptop, have carved out and maintained their own unique place in the computing ecosystem. The Google Pixel series is trendsetting in the Android world because they are often the first devices on which a new Android platform is launched. This will also apply to the Google Pixel Tablet.

Google Pixel tablet and smart hub in one

The Google Pixel Tablet is a tablet that will create more than just some wrinkles in the tablet world. In fact, this latest offspring of the Pixel family has all the potential to give the tablet market a fresh boost in 2023 and also push it in a new direction. The Google Pixel Tablet was launched on June 20, 2023 and runs on the Android 13 operating system. There is a clear philosophy behind this tablet. You don’t just buy just any tablet, but also the nerve center of your smart home. If you buy this tablet, you are in fact also buying a hub with which you can control all the smart devices in your home.

High-quality screen, with a few flaws

The Google Pixel Tablet has an IPS LCD screen with a diagonal size of 10.95 inches. The resolution of the screen is 1600 × 2560 pixels and an aspect ratio of 16:10. With a pixel density of 276 dots per inch, this was close to the sharpness of a print with a cheap inkjet printer. That makes it a medium-sized tablet and a full-fledged laptop replacement, which will certainly make users who like sharp, stabbing images happy. This is also because the image is still clearly visible even at a sharp viewing angle. A downside is that the screen loses brightness very quickly in low ambient light due to the Ambient Light function.

Groundbreaking, powerful AI-powered chips

To drive such a large screen with a high resolution, you need more powerful hardware. In that respect, you don’t have to complain about the Google Pixel Tablet. It is equipped with an impressive Tensor G2 chipset. This is an octa-core processor built on a 5 nm process. It offers 8GB of RAM and comes with either 128GB or 256GB of internal storage. Unfortunately, it is not possible to expand this with, for example, an SD card. With the 8 megapixel main and selfie cameras you can record 1080p video. With these technical specifications, this tablet is one of the best Android models. This tablet is therefore a solid choice for both work and leisure.

Google Pixel Tablet in its dock. Source Google

Light, easy tablet (except power button)

Also with regard to the design, Google appears to have thought carefully about this tablet. The tablet is surprisingly light, especially when compared to the rather bulky 12.9-inch iPad Pro or Samsung’s 11-inch tablet S8. This made it comfortable to hold the tablet. It is also a smart idea to combine the fingerprint sensor with the power button. However, this came at a price. Namely that it is difficult to locate this power button by touch. There is also a chance that some people will find the rubber edge, which is very useful for resting the tablet against a false surface, inconvenient when holding the tablet.

The Google Pixel Tablet docking station deserves special attention. This is namely integrated with a speaker. So you not only have a tablet with a dock, but also a good speaker that fills your room with good quality sound.

Android 13, but with Nest Hub Smart Display additional

The Google Pixel Tablet runs on Android 13. But this operating system isn’t quite stock Android. Google has integrated Smart Display UI with the Nest Hub, making this tablet a kind of hybrid between a multimedia gadget and the hub of a smart home. This clearly distinguishes this tablet from other tablets on the Android market, giving users a unique reason to buy this tablet. With a price of around € 679, the Google Pixel Tablet is reasonably priced for a top-end tablet. Especially when you consider that this tablet also serves as the control hub of your smart home.

Conclusion review Google Pixel Tablet

The conclusion is that the competitors of this tablet have something to think about. In terms of hardware and the sharpness of the screen, this tablet certainly holds its own. If you are looking for a high-quality tablet that you also want to be able to use as a controller for the gadgets in your smart home, then you should definitely consider this Google Pixel Tablet.

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