Google Pixel smartphones can automatically stop charging at 80%

The lifespan of a modern smartphone largely depends on its battery. The longer the battery retains its capacity, the less often many people need to change their smartphone. A well-known trick to prolong battery life is to charge in smaller doses, for example from 20% to 80%. This is exactly what smartphones from the Google Pixel series will strive for. The news was published by the 9to5google portal.

The feature is supported by smartphones from the Google Pixel 3 series and later

Later in 2020, Google showed us a feature for Pixels, known as “Adaptive Charging.” It was the ability to charge the phone at different speeds to extend long battery life. However, it also works, for example, with an alarm set, similar to iPhones from the rival giant Apple.

Google Pixel 4a | Photo: Editorial staff

The phone simply knows when you wake up and the device is fully charged just before the alarm sounds. Before this point, it will hold the charge at 80%. This feature has been released for smartphones from the Google Pixel 3 series and above, and can be found from Android 11.

The user will be notified when battery condition optimization is activated

If this function is activated, you will be notified both on the Always On display and in the settings in the “Battery” section. The warning “Optimizing battery status” will appear. The feature turns on when the software deems it appropriate.

Google Pixel 4a
Google Pixel 4a | Photo: Editorial staff

A perfect example is, for example, charging for a very long time, or playing demanding games on a smartphone for a long time. Unfortunately, there are currently no settings that allow you to charge your mobile phone only up to 80% at a time.

Some users are used to unplugging the device before they reach full charge because they know they can extend the life of the battery in the long run.

Google Pixel 5

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