Google Pixel Fold is due out later this year. Take a look at the pictures

Google confirmed a few days ago that we will see the official introduction of Pixel 6 phones this month. But apparently we are looking forward to something much bigger this year. The American company plans to introduce a telephone Google Pixel Fold and it will be the first flexible phone from Google.

What will Google Pixel Fold look like?

The device should most closely resemble the design of phones as it should be Galaxy Z Fold3 nebo Huawei Mate X2 and we can therefore count on an inwardly folded display. Based on various patents, Google is to adhere to the design of Pixels 6, so the LetsGoDigital website, in collaboration with Wagar Khan, provided its insight into what the new Pixel Fold might look like.

Google Pixel FOLD – Introduction!

According to the latest information, the phone is supposed to use the LTPO OLED display and the game also has a selfie camera under the display, but Google is said to be hiding it for the next generation. Whether the upcoming Pixel Fold will be listed along with Pixels 6 as “one more thing” or whether Google is preparing a separate conference for him is unclear at this time.

How are you looking forward to the flexible phone from Google?

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