Google Pixel bashs the iPhone in advertising

Google has launched an amusing attack on the iPhone. In five commercials we see the iPhone and Pixel in funny situations.

Read on after the ad.

Google Pixel bashs Apple iPhone

Google has recently launched several new devices. These are the Google Pixel 7a, the Pixel 7 and the Pixel 7 Pro. This series of new Pixel smartphones are direct competitors of the iPhone 14. Now Google has even made a number of (secretly very nice) commercials in which the Pixel bashs Apple’s iPhone.

There are a total of five different videos showing the Google Pixel and Apple iPhone 14 Pro. Check them out for yourself below!

1. Platter

In this video, the iPhone is already 14 years ‘old’ and says that it is difficult to keep up with the Pixel with all those new features, such as 30x zoom and astrophotography. The Pixel tries to calm down the iPhone by bringing up the “blue speech bubbles.”

#BestPhonesForever: Plateau

2. Seeing Stars

In this commercial, the Google Pixel and Apple’s iPhone are looking at the stars. Only the iPhone can’t see the stars nearly as well as the Pixel.

#BestPhonesForever: Seeing Stars

3. Sketchy Wi-Fi

The third video about the Pixel and iPhone is about connecting to a public Wi-Fi. The iPhone does not like to connect because there are hackers around. The Pixel says that a VPN is installed on the Google device as standard and that the iPhone must be paid for it separately.

#BestPhonesForever: Sketchy Wi-Fi

4. Life Saver

In this commercial, the battery of the iPhone is empty and the Pixel shows that you can charge other devices (including the iPhone).

#BestPhonesForever: Lifesaver

5.Open up

In the last video of the iPhone vs Pixel series, the iPhone once again lists all the features of the Pixel. But then the Pixel has another surprise in store. The Google Pixel Fold is a foldable smartphone and when the iPhone sees that, Apple’s smartphone faints.

#BestPhonesForever: Opening Up

iPhone vs Pixel

Google pokes fun at Apple’s iPhone in these videos, but you shouldn’t forget that every smartphone has its own advantages (and disadvantages). Still, it’s nice to see how this commercial shows the differences in a funny way. If you are in doubt between the iPhone and Pixel, it is best to read the article below again. There we compare the iPhone 14 with the Google Pixel 7a.

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