Google Pixel 8 gets a new function: screen output via USB-C

Pixel 8 promises to get a first for Pixel phones: you could find screen output on it via the usb-c port. That way you can outsource your phone screen to a bigger screen, like a monitor. That is even better if you want to watch a movie or maybe even work in Google Spreadsheets.

Usb-c port

Android Authority writes that both the regular Pixel 8 and the Pixel 8 Pro will be equipped with DisplayPort support over USB-C. It is not special in itself that it is possible: USB-C has been perfectly capable of handling screen output since it existed, but not all telephone makers do something with it.

An example of a telephone maker that does do something with it is Samsung, although this is not necessarily done via USB-C. The Korean brand has been offering DeX for a long time, where you have a desktop mode for your phone, as it were. This can be done both online and via the USB-C port. Handy if you want to show something to your colleagues at work or if you want to watch a movie on a larger screen, as we just said.

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Phone screen to larger screen

Now Google seems to be tacking too: the function has also been spotted by tech experts in the code within Android before and now we may see it soon become reality on the Pixel 8.

Of course you can now also show all your screen on a television, namely by casting. In this article we explain two ways how to do that. For example, you can use the Google Home app or Screencast.

Do you see many useful applications for it, being able to display your phone on a larger screen? How do you do that now? Is it something you’d rather do over USB-C? Leave it now in the comments to this article.

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