Google Pixel 6: a Pixel Pass subscription to counter the service of Apple One

For the release of the Google Pixel 6, the American manufacturer is planning the arrival of an all-in-one subscription service. The Pixel Pass would be the Android version of Apple One with monthly payments.

The arrival of the next Google smartphones continues to be talked about. While the manufacturer plans a presentation date for October 19, new leaks accompany the release of the Google Pixel 6. According to new information from the specialized YouTube channel This is Tech Today, the American manufacturer would provide an all-in-one subscription . This is called Pixel Pass and would simply offer you access to all of the manufacturer’s services.

The Pixel Pass will also allow you to change your smartphone every year

At the time of writing, there are still several unknowns about Google’s new service. On his Twitter account, Brandon Lee at the origin of the video indicates only the additional elements to the Pixel Pass service. According to the latter, the monthly subscription would allow you to benefit from services such as YouTube Premium, Google One or Play Pass. The latter evokes an offer similar to what exists on Apple One. The Cupertino company even allows you to change iPhone every year to benefit from the higher version. Will Google offer the same? The mystery remains unsolved.

The Pixel Pass offer may therefore be reserved in the United States. Google likes to reserve its offers for a privileged target audience. The proposal put forward would thus make it possible to obtain a Pixel 6 smartphone. Indeed, Apple One is only available in the United States. For the moment, it will be necessary to wait until October 19 to discover in detail the Google Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. In the price section the first version of the phone should be at 649 euros while the Pro version will be delivered at 899 euros.

Source: Brandon lee

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