Google Photos will soon let you invite friends to share photos

Google is working on a new feature for Google Photos where you can invite your friends to contribute to a photo album. There is already a similar function, but it works slightly differently.

Invite friends in Google Photos

Jane Manchun Wong is a household name when it comes to sifting through apps for new features. The functionality for Google Photos will probably also be expanded soon. Wong has discovered that Google is working on a feature in Photos where friends can be ‘asked for help’. Friends you invite can add their own photos to an album. Handy if, for example, you want to bundle all the photos from a family outing, wedding or other occasion and share them with the rest.

Friends can easily be invited to add photos. All you have to do is share the link, which is shown via Google Photos. Until now it is already possible in Google Photos to share a shared photo album with people where they can add their photos. The new feature should make this much easier and more accessible. It is unknown when the feature will be available.

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