Google Photos now makes collages of your Memories, this is what they look like

Google Photos makes it easier to see and share many of your memories in one fell swoop. The gallery app now automatically creates collages, sometimes several per photo series. The feature is already available in Google Photos.

Google Photos Memories

Reminders in Google Photos have become an important part of the app in recent months, and that’s not surprising. everyone has that one mom or grandma who complains out loud that you can’t see photos with those phones anymore, unlike in the past when photos were always printed.

The Reminders at the top of Google Photos shows what you did last week or the previous years on the same day as today. You get to see a whole series of photos that you can browse by tapping, and so you get to see some photos from the old box. New are the collages, because now and then you come across a collection of multiple photos that Google has automatically generated.

This is how the collages work

For example, you can see above my various attempts from last week to take a nice selfie together with the OnePlus Buds Pro for the upcoming review. A series in which no photos have yet been removed. Nice, don’t you think? With longer photo series, Google sometimes makes multiple collages, but in most cases you’ll just find one series at the end of a Reminder. It also usually concerns collages in which people can be seen.

On Monday, it was also announced that Google Photos will be integrated with Files by Google. The app can then automatically clean up media that has been in your Photos backup for a long time. What do you think of the Memories? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

Google Photos now makes collages of your Memories, this is what they look like

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