Google Photos lets you set live wallpaper from your memories

A new feature is rolling out in the Google Photos app. With the latest update, it becomes possible to set your memories as a live wallpaper, so that you can always be reminded of them.

Google Photos memories as wallpaper

Google has added a new feature to the latest version of Google Photos. Users can set a wallpaper from their memories with this version. You can see the memories in Google Photos at the top of the screen, where you can look back one or more years on photos you took a while ago.

The new version of Google Photos now lets you set the memories as a live wallpaper. You do not have to go to Google Photos itself, but simply in the wallpaper picker of your smartphone. Then you choose ‘reminders’ from Google Photos. Google chooses the backgrounds for you, so you have no influence on that. It grabs the photos from all folders, so be surprised! Google alternates the backgrounds itself.

Google Maps live wallpaper reminder

The Google Photos live wallpaper can be found in version 5.22 which you can download here as an APK if you do not want to wait for the update in the Play Store.

Google Photos
Google Photos

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