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Google Photos introduces new function for Reminders: you can with it

Google Photos is an important application for managing your photos. It concerns both offline and online photos. With the new feature called Cinematic Photos, an extra dimension is added to your memories.

Cinematic Photos in Google Photos

A new feature is being distributed to Google’s own photo application. The Google Photos app will get the function ‘Cinematic Photos’ after the update. With this function, a kind of 3D layer can be placed over a photo, which adds an extra dimension to the photo. The depth of an image is predicted by means of machine learning, after which the 3D rendering is shown. A virtual camera then provides a so-called smooth pan effect.

Another new feature that is activated also has to do with the reminders. Google is adding new collages for this that are being rolled out. These could be related to your baking skills, your walk or other activities that you have recorded.

The features will be rolled out from now on, but knowing Google this may take a while. The rollout will take place in the coming weeks.

Google Photos
Google Photos

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