Google Photos integrates the handy timeline from Maps

Since July, the Android app for Google Photos has been expanded with a lot of useful new tools. One of these is the location map with heatmap, which is now linked to the Google Maps timeline.

Google Photos with timeline integration

Google Maps and Google Photos are both very nice tools to work with. The apps offer countless possibilities and now it is time for another improvement. The location map with heatmap in Google Photos, which was rolled out in July, is a bit better from now on. This thanks to a server-side update that integrates the timeline into Google’s photo service.

When you’ve turned on Google Maps location history, it appears in the Google Photos app, just like the timeline in Maps. You can sort / filter by location, or random scroll through your photos, with the location automatically moving with it. Previously, the logic was missing from the route, which is now being added with the addition.

By tapping the three dots in this view, you can adjust a few more options. You can choose not to show the timeline. In addition, there is the option to choose the satellite, terrain or standard view. In principle, the function will be available automatically, via a server-side update that most can now use.

Google Photos
Google Photos

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