Google Phone app gets new Material You design: this is what it looks like

Various applications have already been optimized by Google for use under Android 12. This is reflected in the Material You interface that is already available for various Google apps. Now it’s the turn of the dialer app Google Phone.

Material You for Google Phone

The Google Phone app has a new beta version. In this new version, Google has taken care of the design. Here we see the influence of Android 12, where Google has added the new Material You theme to this dialer app.

The changes can be found in version 70, which has now been released as a beta. The circular symbols and elements have had to make way for a new design with a so-called squircle (combination of square and circle). Again, the colors will match the colors of the set background. The other parts, which can be found in the navigation bar, are indicated by a pill-shaped symbol.

Since this is a new beta version, Google may make other design changes in the final version. Although Google is rolling out this update as a beta, the new design will be activated on the server side.

Phone from Google
Phone from Google

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