Google Meet and Calendar get a great meeting feature

“Please, what did we want to talk about?” “It simply came to our notice then. I’ll send it to you right away. ” “Good. And it would be appropriate to write somewhere today. ” Also with yours meetings or other conversations via Google Meet do you experience similar situations? There are many ways to handle writing or sharing ideas or materials during an online conference. When we stay with Google applications, for example by sharing documents from Drive (Documents) or writing in the description of the event. And meetings, combined with Google Calendar, now get one more handy feature – live notes.

From the Calendar to the created Meet meeting, it will now be possible to create an attached note to which they can view and intervene by all participants. This is similar to editing a document on Disk, but in this case it will also contain the text information about a specific meeting. However, the primary advantage is that the participant does not have to laboriously click between multiple tools, and the notes are also easily traceable for events. The author of the event or users with the right to edit the note will have the right to create a note. Widespread introduction of a new function will start on October 19 and so far only applies to computers.

How often do you solve this problem at a meeting?

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