Google Maps works without your phone on your smartwatch

Do you have a smartwatch with Wear OS 3 or later? From now on it may just be that you no longer need your phone to use Google Maps on your smartwatch. Google has added support for this to Wear OS.

Maps on your smartwatch without a phone

Until now, if you wanted to use Google Maps on your smartwatch, your phone also had to be connected to your watch to get it working. In certain cases, this is no longer necessary, Google has announced. You can then use Google Maps for navigation without your phone being connected to the smartwatch. There are, however, a number of conditions attached to this.

For example, the smartwatch must run on Wear OS 3 or higher. We already see this in various models, including the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. In addition, the smartwatch must have a SIM card, otherwise it cannot set up a data connection. Smartwatches with support for the mobile network are usually referred to as LTE. You can choose whether you start the route on your smartwatch, or open it first on the phone, after which the smart watch takes over. The functionality will be rolled out from now on.

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