Google Maps now shows EVs in the Netherlands charging stations on the route

Electric cars that have Google Maps built-in now have access to more advanced functions to determine a route, depending on the remaining battery capacity and the charging stations in their area.

Google Maps for EVs

Google is now launching major enhancements to how Google Maps works for electric cars. For the sake of clarity, these are EVs that have Google Maps built in, and for the time being that are only the Volvo XC40 Recharge and Polestar 2.

If you calculate a long route where your car has to charge at two or more charging stations, Google will automatically add the charging stations that are closest to you. Google determines the choice of charging stations depending on the battery level of your car. Google even shows how long you can best charge each time before resuming your trip. You also see each time with which remaining capacity you arrive at your destination.

Short trips

Of course, you won’t always have to charge twice during a trip, and for shorter routes, Maps will provide you with a list of suitable charging stations on the go. Google also shows which payment methods are supported in the charging stations.

So right now there are very few electric cars that can take advantage of these improvements – they are literally two models – but more are on the way. Google Netherlands also confirmed to our editorial staff that the function is already available in the Netherlands.

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Maps: Navigation and Public Transport

Maps: Navigation and Public Transport

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