Google Maps gets 4 new features, here’s them all

Google has announced a number of new features for Maps that should make it easier for you to navigate as safely as possible during this period when we are slowly returning to the period before the corona pandemic.

Safe travel and more insight into your timeline

Now that the measures to contain the corona virus are gradually being released, people are returning to traveling by public transport. Google saw in the United States that the request for directions on Maps increased by 50% compared to the previous year. Google believes that with the increase in public transport travel, safety should remain paramount, and is introducing a number of new features to that end.

1. More predictions about crowds in public transport

Currently, one of my biggest fears of traveling on a train is being pressed against the inside of the door of a train compartment with your nose. Google wants to prevent this by expanding the crowd forecasting in public transport to more than 10,000 transport companies in 100 countries. You can compare it with the Train Indicator of the NS, which gives you more insight into the expected crowds per train. Soon you will be able to request this information in Maps for more transport companies, so that you can see in advance whether the bus, train, tram or metro probably has many free seats, has reached full capacity or somewhere in between.

Google uses its smart algorithms for this in combination with contributions from Maps users and other methods that can predict the traffic in public transport. Google promises that the data used cannot be traced back to the Maps user.

The real-time crowds can already be seen in a number of American cities, and Google is doing that at the coupé level. You can see below how that works.

2. More insight into where you’ve been

To better keep track of where you’ve been, Google is also rolling out a new Insights tab that can be found in the Maps timeline. The new Insights provide an overview of your activities per month, with an overview that is split into travel, car, public transport et cetera. The insights can already be seen in the Maps timeline at the editors.

3. Back in time

At the part To travel see the cities you have visited, and at Place see which hotels, restaurants, airports, attractions and more you’ve been to. Then there are the parts cities and World showing the cities and countries you’ve been to. This way you can easily go back in time to retrieve memories. You can also edit or delete the data. These additions to the Maps timeline are already visible. Learn more about the new timeline in Maps here.

4. More detailed reviews

The latest improvement is the expansion of the ratings in Maps. If you leave a review for a restaurant, you can add more useful information to it, such as price ranges or takeout or delivery. You can add these details in just a few taps. The feature is now live for all restaurants in the United States, with more categories and countries on the way.

It is not known when certain functions will also be available in the Netherlands and Belgium. What do you think of these features for Google Maps? Let us know in the comments below this article.

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