Google has unveiled a software update for some of its Pixel phones and for the Pixel Watch. The focus is on improvements to the camera and more health tracking. The Pixel Watch, on the other hand, should be able to be designed more individually.

Pixel: Google distributes first feature drop in 2023

Google has that first feature drop of the year for some of its Pixel devices. Distribution should start immediately. Depending on the region, however, it may take some time before the new functions and improvements really reach every user. According to Google, the update is aimed at owners of the Pixel Watch smartwatch and phones from the Pixel 4a series from 2020.

Photo editing known as “magic eraser” is now available, according to Google available on all Pixel models. Users can hand-select distracting elements in a photo and the software will make them disappear. The color and brightness of an object can also be adjusted so that they fit better into the overall picture.

Especially for the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro, Google has the Night vision mode of the cameras revised. This does not offer any new functions in poor light conditions, but according to the group it can be triggered faster. The Pixel 7 and 7 Pro can now use two eSIMs with dual SIM dual standby.

Google has the function for all Pixel phones from the Pixel 4a Health Connect introduced. Collected data from compatible health and fitness apps can be linked with each other.

In interaction with Google Nest there set timers now displayed on all Pixel phones via the Google Assistant. Push notifications are also available.

Exclusive pixel features in the video:

Pixel Watch: More individual and barrier-free

The smartwatch from Google can now be over new sound and display settings individualize better. There are also new color correction and grayscale modes that are intended to improve accessibility.

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