Google Lens is turning into your vacation travel guide this summer

A new filter for Places has been added in Google Lens. You can use it to aim at well-known buildings to get more information. Lens can thus serve as a travel guide for a holiday or a city trip.

Place filter

Google Lens just got a little smarter again. Google’s object recognition can now recognize well-known buildings that you image with the camera of your phone. you will then receive more information about the building from the Google search results, which Google will announce in a blog post.

Google has trained the machine learning technology behind Lens to recognize buildings using the three-dimensional models already available in Google Earth. Based on this, the app can now immediately show a pin when such a well-known building is recognized.


3 billion users

Like the Google Assistant, Lens is a feature that will only get better as technology learns to explore more. Google also states that more and more people are finding their way to Lens, as the app is now used monthly by 3 billion people worldwide.

Meanwhile, experiments are also underway with a place in the search bar for Google Lens on Pixel phones. Lens also helps with your homework. Do you use Google Lens often, sometimes or not at all? Let us know in the comments at the bottom of this article.

Google Lens

This is the separate app for Google Lens that you can install on any smartphone. With Google Lens you can recognize and explain objects by pointing the camera at them.

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