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Google is testing dark mode for Google search

Dark modes are now very common for smartphones. This year he’s also for Whatsapp and Instagram published. In web applications, the trend has largely failed to materialize, but the tech giants are taking the first steps here and Google has already done so Facebook introduced a dark mode for its social medium.

You are not yet able to try out dark mode for desktops at will; Google simply runs A / B tests for various users without asking. Users can no longer leave the mode like a Reddit user reported. He also posted the following screenshot.

In dark mode, the accent colors are white and blue, whereas the font color is a light gray. The Google logo shines in white in dark mode, while icons are mostly blue. With the exception of the microphone icon for voice commands, the multicolor is largely eliminated in dark mode. It is not known which metrics Google extracts from the tests. A follow-up in the form of a survey did not take place; the user data here presumably provide enough feedback for Google to evaluate success / failure and good or bad reception with the user.

The tests occur very sporadically – so far mainly on Windows 10 and with newer versions for Chrome and Firefox. So far there has been dark mode for YouTube, YouTube TV, YouTube Music and Google Keep or Google Notes. The dark mode can be set quite intuitively everywhere via “[Settings/Einstellungen]”-> [Appearance/Aussehen].

During the test, users have not yet had the option to switch dark mode on or off. If the function goes live, however, it will very likely be set in a similar way if it does not even get its own button on the Ggogle start page.

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